1. Taylor Swift Took Home The Big Awards At AMAs, But Miley Cyrus Sang "Wrecking Ball" With A Giant Animated Kitten, So Who's The Real Winner?


23-year-old singer Taylor Swift was voted artist of the year at the American Music Awards for the third time time last year. However, her victory likely felt a bit hollow considering how at no point during the evening did she don a two-piece cat-print leotard and sing "Wrecking Ball" along with a giant animated  lip-synching tearful kitty cat as Miley Cyrus did. So, better luck next year, Taylor Swift.

2. Because Of The Internet This Headline No Longer Needs "Of" After "Because" In Order To Be Grammatically Correct

Linguists are beginning to officially accept the word "because" as a standalone preposition, meaning that the common Internet usage which excludes the word "of" after it — "because grapefruit," "because philology" "because 13th Century masonry" — can be considered proper grammar. So, clearly Internet need new grammar to ignore if stay cool. 

someecards.com - Some days I wish I had a crappy education so your grammar wouldn't bother me so much.

3. "Shit Is F**king Cold Out There" - Meteorologists Everywhere