1. SNL Announces Six New Hilarious Comedians Who Will Do Middling Work On TV For A Few Years Before Launching Successful Movie Careers

Saturday Night Live yesterday announced the six new insanely talented and driven comedians who will spend the next several years doing some so-so work playing the kind of overly-broad characters that your uncle finds funny on late night television before slowly branching off into well-regarded but small roles in major studio films and ultimately launching successful movie careers of their own and one of them will probably almost get nominated for an Oscar for a serious role in a movie about cancer or something. They are Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Mike O’Brien, John Milhiser, Brooks Wheelan and Noel Wells, who is probably best known for her Zooey Deschanel impersonation on YouTube.


2. South Korea Building "Invisible Skyscraper"… Or Have They Already?

The South Korean government recently approved the construction of the Tower Infinity, 1,476-foot "invisible" skyscraper. The building, which will be built in the city of Incheon — assuming it hasn't been built already — will seem to disappear at certain times or day from certain angles if you look at it just right and kind of exercise a little suspension of disbelief. The illusion is created through the use of cameras and LED screens that will record and display what's behind the building. Or will they? (Yes, they will.)