1. Internet Creeps Befoul Cancer Charity With Their Gross Jennifer Lawrence-Obsessed Money

After getting their fill of leaked nude pictures of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and that one chick from Glee, whatever her name is, many Internet denizens attempted to deal with their guilt by donating to the Prostate Cancer Foundation to honor all of the good their photos have done for men's prostates lately. (Yuck.)

2. CNN Asks The Tough Question In Wake Of Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal — Who Is This 4chan Fellow?

CNN showed its true worth in this modern era of technology, when 15-year-old kids in their parents' basement can upend the lives of celebrity millionaires by hacking into their personal cloud storage accounts and releasing intimate materials for the world to see. Not a channel to look away from a potentially dangerous line of questioning, CNN had its technology analyst Brett Larson wonder on air who this 4chan person might be. Obviously, he's Asian, but is he half-mathematical equation?