1. Porn Industry Faces Indefinite Shutdown After Third Actor Tests Positive For HIV, Fans Forced To Make Due With The Millions Of Hours Previously Filmed

The porn industry will likely shut down for the second time in a month after the third case of HIV infection was reported. All filming stopped for one week last month to allow actors to get screened after Rod Daily and Cameron Bay tested positive. It is unknown how long this newest moratorium, in response to an unnamed actor, will last, but it should give porn screenwriters a chance to really polish up their dialogue and character motivations.

2. In Charlie Rose Interview, Assad Comes Just Short Of Denying That Chemical Weapons Are Even A Thing That Exists

While a new poll shows the U.S. public in strong opposition to intervention in Syria, Bashad al-Assad showed similar opposition in an interview Charlie Rose, during which the leader denied having ordered a chemical weapon attack on his people, denied that a chemical weapon attack occurred at all, and probably would have denied knowledge of what the words "chemical," "weapon" and "attack" even meant if he thought he could get away with it.