Nicholas Salerno, 90, of Dennis Port, MA, got himself charged with soliciting a prostitute after he called police to his home to report that a prostitute he'd solicited had stolen a necklace from his home. According to the Cape Cod Times, when Mr. Salerno was informed that police would be forced to charge him with a crime as well, he replied, "I don't give a shit, I'm 90 years old."

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Lesson learned, prostitutes: don't steal from a man who has nothing to lose from the revelation that he hires prostitutes.

Salerno reported paying Karen Proia, 48, from neighboring West Dennis, $100 to perform an unspecified sex act on June 22. The next day, he noticed the necklace missing, and decided not to let his own reputation get in the way of justice. Police later recovered the necklace at an area pawn shop.


Both Salerno and Proia have pled not guilty.