He puts all of us to shame.

You can't run 2,500+ miles without a swag rainbow headband. (via Coast2CoastRuns)

You know your annoying friend who is always e-mailing about their latest charity run? Well, Ernie Andrus is the opposite of that. In fact, you should give him a donation right now. You should then feel bad about yourself for not giving a big enough donation and donate even more. You should then realize that money is a shallow means of expressing your admiration and just go ahead and bow down before his glory. The 91-year-old grocery store manager is running across the United States. Oh, and did I mention, he's also a World War II veteran?

Andrus started on the West Coast, dipping his hand the Pacific ocean to signify the start of his journey. He plans to finish it in Brunswick, Georgia, where he will dip his hand in the Atlantic ocean to mark its close. He's currently in the Waco, Texas area, having started the run over a year and a half ago in California. He sold his Arizona home and bought an RV for camping between runs. He hopes to finish before his 93rd birthday on August 19th, 2016. You can follow his progress on his Facebook page, which he frequently updates (he had stop using his personal account and switch to a fan page since he maxed out his friends counter).


According to Ernie's website, he's running to raise money for the USS LST-325, a tank landing ship that was used by the U.S. Navy during the Invasion of Normandy. The LST-325 is the last operational ship of its kind. It was sent to Greece in the 60's, where it remained until 2000, when Andrus and a group of veterans (known as USS LST Memorial, Inc.) raised the funds to bring it back to the United States. Ernie is now trying to raise funds with the company once more, this time in order to sponsor the ship's journey back to Normandy. He wants it to be part of the D-Day 75th anniversary celebrations. Ernie is truly a testament to the spirit of human determination. He makes me want to, dare I say, exercise.

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