An ugly view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What are the odds that someone with a camera would be filming near the Golden Gate Bridge? Really good, as you would imagine. Which is what is so puzzling about this motorcycle rider getting bent out of shape about someone shooting video as he happened to be going about his business as a reckless driver with a suspended license, no insurance, and a bad attitude.

Sometimes it's uncomfortable watching these "People Behaving Badly" reporters confront people on camera about minor infractions. But when a guy walks fifty yards across two lanes of traffic to ask KRON 4's Stanley Roberts why he "stuck a camera in his face," it's not that hard to choose a side to root for.

One camera he failed to notice was the one being monitored by bridge security. They saw the confrontation and called highway patrol, who, after watching the video, issued the two-wheeled tough guy a fat ticket and impounded his bike.

What's most surprising is that he wasn't already covered in cuts and bruises from getting into eight fights a day. Because anyone who gets that upset about seeing people with cameras in 2014 must spend a lot of their time being upset.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Uproxx