Your typos are no match for the Google searches of Starbucks lawyers! (via KDSK)

Exit 6 Pub and Brewery is a small "nano-brewery" outside of St. Louis, and they made the foolish mistake of designing a craft beer to taste like America's favorite caffeinated sugar rush, the Frappuccino. While we understand that copyright laws are a thing we all need, everyone also understands that companies are going overboard these days. This reality is reflected in this letter from Exit 6's owner, Jeff Britton, who very willingly yields to Starbucks' demands while sarcastically explaining that he was really unaware that so many people would be confused by the similarity in names between the universally sold coffee and this one tiny beer.

Starbucks is not a company whose lawyers you want to cross, as one Thai street vendor found out when they made him change the name of his tiny one-man cart from Starbung to Bung Tears. Yes, "Bung Tears."

Fortunately, all the attention has brought flocks of people to Exit 6's Facebook page to offer their support, as well as lots of press coverage. So I guess copyright crime pays, after all.

See the original cease and desist letters here.


(by Johnny McNulty)