A lot of stuff went down in 2011, and while we didn't understand most of it, we still tried to make fun of it as much as possible. A lot of these year-end lists can take forever to muddle through, since they're so over stuffed with things like informed analysis and intelligent insight. But not this one. The Year In Someecards lets you digest nearly every major event of 2011 in bite-sized lines of smart-assed text and snazzy, occasionally relevant line drawings. Get the hanky ready and take a look back at the year that was...



We watched the Egyptian people use social networking for something other than posting "Girlz nite out pixxx!!":


We watched the people of Wisconsin protest for organized labor back before Occupying stuff was cool:


We watched Charlie Sheen's real life become way more watchable than his TV show:


We saw Japan devastated by a Tsunami, immediately followed by countless ill-timed Japanese Tsunami jokes:


We saw America come close to starting a third (or fourth?) war by bombing Libya all of a sudden:


We learned about the importance of Friday, and why it sometimes makes your ears bleed:


We watched Donald Trump demand Obama's birth certificate, threaten to run the country, and other nightmarish things:



We collectively agreed to go insane over a rich kid from another country getting married:


We saw Osama Bin Laden finally get what was coming to him: