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The most surprising takeaway from this map showing the relative worth of a dollar in each state is how little difference there is across the U.S. The map was made by a group called the Tax Foundation, probably to make a wonky point of some sort. But basically illustrates the fact that, if you were concocting a move from Massachusetts to Wyoming in order to live like a king with your meager earnings, you may want to reconsider your plan.


You'd think there would be a much bigger disparity between the cost of living in Hawaii than living in Nevada. How is there only a 16-cent difference between living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and living in the desert? Are they gambling away the difference?

One misleading thing about the map is that it doesn't show the difference between the various regions in each state. A dollar in California has a relative worth $88.57. However, that doesn't mean a whole lot when you consider that a San Francisco dollar, worth pennies compared to the national average, could be a down payment on a house in Stockton.

A dollar is worth the most in Mississippi, and the least in Washington, D.C. Which means that, theoretically, the most lucrative setup in the United States would be a home in Mississippi and a government job in Washington. Politicians come out on top again. So typical.

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