Ms. Nguyen is now teaching both Intro and Advanced Stonewalling.

Let's imagine, just for a second, that you were a straight-A student in college. Now, before you ruin it by going to an imaginary kegger and letting your imaginary party life ruin your imaginary GPA, think about how you would feel if that fictional 4.0 grade average was ruined instead by a teacher who lied to you about what class you were in all semester. Then imagine that the school administration later denied that this happened, relying on the old "you can't prove she said it" defense. According to KHOU 11 in Houston, TX, that's what it feels like to have been an Intro to Chemistry student at Lone Star College this fall.


Probably could have learned more about chemistry by watching 'Breaking Bad.'

Lauren Firmin, a student at the publicly-funded two-year community college who previously had a perfect GPA, claims that she spent all semester struggling to get above a 40 on her Intro to Chemistry tests, unable to figure out why she couldn't penetrate the difficult material. Her mystery was finally solved on the last day of class, when her instructor Thao Shirley Nguyen admitted (while handing out final exams) that she had accidentally been teaching the more advanced General Chemistry curriculum the entire semester. Another student confirmed this to reporters.

Ms. Nguyen decided to fix everyone's grades with a massive dose of extra credit, but it still only took Lauren Firmin from an 'F' to a 'B,' which still ruined her straight-A transcript. Lauren appealed the grade only to find an even more disheartening academic obstacle to success: the school administration. John Powell, Executive Director of College Relations, spoke to Houston's KHOU news team and simply denied that this had ever happened. 

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