KTLA makes me wish I lived in LA.

You've probably done something dumb and embarrassing at work this week, but at least your mistake wasn't broadcast live to one of the largest cities in the country. Ginger Chan, a traffic reporter for KTLA,  on the other hand, made a sarcastic remark from the privacy of the traffic booth without realizing her mic was still on, and she'll never live it down.

Sam Rubin, a morning anchor, was telling a story where his wife asked "When did you become the fat one on that show?" and Chan blurted out "He's always been the fat one!" A half second later, she realized her words had been heard by everyone and looked appropriately horrified. 

Rubin says he and Chan were "able to 'hug it out,'" and he also wrote a pretty thoughtful post on Medium about being an overweight man on a morning news program as opposed to a woman. Clearly, the solution is for both male and female morning news anchors to be a little chunky and disheveled so the rest of us can feel better about ourselves on Monday mornings. 


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: h/t Gawker