Meet Todd. He owns Tykables, the world's first (probably) nursery store for adults.

Waaaaaa! I love being both a little baby and a self-made man!

The store, which opened in April in suburban Mt. Prospect, Illinois, sells Tykables brand adult diapers, which Todd says is for both incontinent adults and—more importantly—for people who identify as for “ABDL” or “Adult Baby Diaper Lovers.” That's a sexual fetish where adults put on diapers and pretend to be babies. Sorry if you've never heard of this before and are now disgusted, or congratulations if you've never heard of this before and have just discovered that this is what you're into.

Within the four walls of Tykables (that name, OMG), Todd promises you will find:

A 7.5 foot crib

More bears to come.

"You will definitely need help getting into this," Todd explains in a YouTube video announcing the store's arrival.

A 5.5 foot rocking horse.