"I'm about to be on network TV, bro, do you really want to do this?"

The Colbert Report, sadly, will be over in December. Colbert's mentor and idol, Bill O'Reilly, however, will stay in his No Spin Zone until he dies or all the old people watching him do. So, these last few episodes are also Colbert's last chances to take his tongue out of his cheek and use it to give "Papa Bear" a lashing. Maybe as a parting gift for Colbert, O'Reilly decided to announce (and then dig his heels in over) the stupidest idea ever put forward on Fox News...in 2014...probably. 

The military genius/Fox News host famously proposed creating a 25,000-strong mercenary force that would be responsible for fighting terrorism wherever it can be found...or wherever the paying customers tell them terrorism is. Colbert immediately got excited, comparing it to his fourth grade journal idea for an all-double-ninja-mutant fighting team. O'Reilly did not take it well, and ripped into Colbert on the following night's program. After watching Stephen's response, I can only hope that this battle lasts through the end of the show, until Colbert can mock O'Reilly from the much-larger platform of The Late Show.

Here's the original Elite Strike Force clip, if you haven't seen it: 


(by Johnny McNulty)