Oh no. Everything horrifying you imagined to be true about Airbnb is definitely true. At least if you believe this confession shared on Post Secret—a site where people share their deepest, darkest, possibly fake secrets—by an anonymous person claiming to be an Airbnb host.

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Posted by PostSecret on Thursday, September 1, 2016

"I swap hidden camera sex videos with other airbnb hosts," claims the anonymous poster.

The bad news is, this is definitely happening. The good news is, at least the sex you're having at an Airbnb is usually quality, energetic vacation sex, not sweaty, T-shirt-wearing on-a-Tuesday sex.

Does this mean Airbnb hosts have a secret underground network where they're rating guests' sex lives? "Two stars—uninspired missionary style, plus they left dirty dishes in the sink when they checked out."


Also though, can we talk about that bedroom? It looks so chic and modern. Is that Stockholm? What's that run, like $150/night? Just saying I'm still interested.