If there's an apocalyptic lightning storm outside, it is not a good idea to place an aluminum pan on your head and run out into it. You might get struck, fried, and look dinner-ready in that aluminum pan. That's what almost happened to a student from the University of Texas at San Antonio, as you can see in this video shared by Ty Palowski on YouTube.


A witness, redditor IVIIRAGE, chimed in on a Reddit post to explain what the heck Mr. Aluminum Pan Man was thinking:

I was there when this happened! This happened in San Antonio, Texas last week during a storm we had. The guy under the aluminum pan was alright. His thought process was the pan would block the softball size hail we were getting. he didn't think It through...

Quite an understatement from Mr. Acquaintance Of Mr. Aluminum Pan Man. But at least Mr. Aluminum Pan Man is alive.

If this got you bloodthirsty for more close calls with lightning, satisfy for your craving for electric near-death below.


You want more? Wow, you're a regular lightning freak. Here you go, on the house.

Sources: Ty Palowski