Can we please get this guy his own show?

Prius drivers get a bad rap, and I'm not sure why. Is it just because they drive hybrid cars? Are they worse drivers than any other car owners? I have no idea. What I do know is that the woman in this video isn't doing much to help their cause. She's awful. 

The cameraman/host is on hand to film a segment on a local news show called People Behaving Badly, which the woman is not happy about. Most people, after being greeted by the host of People Behaving Badly, would probaby do their best to not land that gig. Not this lady. She starts to act as if she's auditioning for a spin-off series called Prius Hag. And if there was actually a series called Prius Hag looking for a lead actress, the part would be hers to lose.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Youtube | Redditor Mrrobertstv