Already more diverse than Silicon Valley itself.

Wait, why do the women have tiaras? Is fixing that the next update? (via TheNextWeb)


Diversity has come at long last to the benighted land of Emojis as Apple released a new set of culturally diverse icons to developers for people to use in texts as humanity slowly loses the ability to communicate in words. They're not available to the public yet, but now that developers have them (as part of the latest OS X update) it can't be that much longer until they're out to everyone. The new set not only includes new icons and faces, there is now a pop-up menu for all the humanoid Emoji people, including Santa, that lets you choose different skin colors. Although the general reaction has been positive that this is finally happening, there's already some criticism that the Asian Emojis are a bit, well, exaggerated in hue.

No word yet on how many colors of Space Invader they have. (via 9to5Mac)

This certainly beats the current roster, which mostly represent Caucasian folks, yellow cats, and Satan. There's also a guy in a turban and an Asian fellow in a bike helmet (I think?), although somehow those were not seen as fixing the problem:

I have no idea what the dude at the top right is up to. Russian? UK Royal Guard?
(via Slate)

The new update will also include...a bunch of flags!

The Emoji world has finally expanded to a whopping 42 countries. (via EliteDaily)

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