Redditor ShotgunWedding0 shared the tale of a student who had an outburst in a geology class (itself an interesting scenario—who takes a geology class?) and sent an apology email that only made things worse. The young woman in question disrupted class by screaming and swearing at other students, and later sent an email to the whole class and professor to try justify her actions. Channeling One Direction in her own twisted way, she told everyone, "You don't know what it's like to be beautiful."

"The Beautiful Defense" is the new "affluenza."

She wrote:

You don't Know what it's like to be beautiful

Hey class, This is your friendly and defensive student Raylena. I want to apologize for the mess I created in class. The reason I am so defensive is because I'm beautiful and blessed. unfortunately there are people in the world who are not as pretty and truly kind at heart like me.

She followed up that ridiculous message with an equally ridiculous one a few minutes later.

If you have to state "I am perfectly emotionally stable," it might not be the case.