Remember how your parents would always tell you to stop wasting your money on junk? Well turns out that's the worst financial advice ever. At least for Randy Guijarro, the man who's $2 junk store purchase turned into a $5 million dollar find: a rare photograph of Billy the Kid. 

Back in 2010, Guijarro bought the photo at a store in Fresno, California, and he had no idea one of the people in the picture was William H. Bonney, better known as legendary outlaw Billy the Kid. A rare find indeed, this picture is only the second known photo of him in existence. 

Billy the Kid (left) played croquet, who knew?

Collectibles analysts at Kagins Incorporated said they studied the tintype for over a year, and proved itss authenticity. The picture was taken in New Mexico in 1878, and shows the 19th Century gunman playing croquet, along with the other "Regulators" during the Lincoln County War. Also pictured is Sallie Chisum, who provided first-hand accounts of Bonney's exploits in her journals.

Full shot of the photo. #squadgoals
Sources: San Francisco Gate