The He's So Dreamy Side-Long Gaze. 

During a presidential debate, voters can be swayed as much by the way a candidate presents himself as by what he has to say. Here’s our analysis of what the candidates’ body language was saying last night while their mouths were spouting evasive, self-serving garbage.


The Way Too Ornery For TV Head-Tilt.


The Triple-Finger Blow-Off.


The Laugh-To-Keep-From-Crying Head Bow.


The Double-Handed Smothering.


The Let Me Help You Open This Pickle Jar.


The Pipe Down Old Man Finger Poke.


The Who Loves Ya Baby Pistol Hand.


The Boobs Out To Here Palm Waggle.


The What Have I Done Shoulder Slump.


The Single-Finger Waiter Call.


The You Better Watch Your Back Hand Jab.


The Where Should I Put This Watermelon Palm Mirror.


The Tiny Violin Finger Crush.


The Running In Place Fist Clench.


The Gimme One Reason Not To Kill You Finger Pop.

The Let's Have A Big Hug Arm Spreader.



The Give Me Another Chance Baby Eyeball Lock.

Sources: Shira Rachel Danan