There's so much going on in this crazy thing called life that sometimes your busy mind lets you down a little bit and causes accidental mishaps. These are known as brain farts. Brain farts are a common ailment, one you don't have to suffer alone. Read these 21 people's stories from Reddit and take comfort in the fact that the brain's autopilot momentarily failing is a universally hilarious problem.

1. Derped_my_pants likes to bond with strangers.

Was jogging late at night. A guy reached out his hand in front of me as I passed.

I high-fived him.

Turns out he was hailing a taxi.


2. MisterEvilBreakfast thought he knew what he was doing.

Rubbed aftershave in my hair and put gel on my face.

The worst part was that after I put the aftershave in my hair, I laughed at myself, thought, "Fuck, what was all that about?" and then added the hair gel to my skin.

3. Slayer9019 was ready to do whatever TSA wanted.

I dropped my pants when going through TSA....For those who fly in the super early morning it can be rough. I purposely didn't drink coffee so I could sleep on the plane...

I was on the security line, and did the normal routine of taking stuff out of my pockets and putting them in my laptop bag. Then off with the shoes, placed on top of my luggage, then off comes the belt as usual. Then of course when you take off your belt you take off your pants.....uhhh Nope damnit. Put them back on and WTFed for a moment as I finished up in security. Luckily not that many people fly at like 430am.