On Wednesday, an Imgur user (PerUsualGiven) posted a picture of a note his cousin, a chef at Illinois restaurant Burger Antics, got from a customer. Yes, the note, which is actually addressed to the owner, starts with "F*CK you!!" but it is actually just about the nicest note a restaurant could ever receive.

Wow. Been there.

The full text of the note reads:

To the owner:

F*CK you!! Your burgers are so f*cking good that all other food is ruined for me. Every experience here tops the previous one, and as tasty and delicious as it all is, I'm never satisfied. I always want more. Just 3 ounces more! Or 40! I live for your food, and I'd die for your food. And so, I leave you with this: I love you, f*ck you, Andy.


Oh, man. This note so eloquently describes the feeling of agonizing passion that overcomes you when you're really obsessed with something, a feeling of ardor bordering on anger. Sort of like the confusing urge to smoooooosh puppies heads when you are just trying to gently pet them. It's like Lenny and the rabbits in Of Mice and Men, only it's Of Andy and Burgers. Hopefully no one has to shoot Andy. Oops, did you not finish that book? Sorry.