Bill, with his patented smile. (via Twitter)

Tough day to be anti-gay. First, hate enthusiast Fred Phelps dies, and now Catholic League President and professional whiner Bill Donohue's plan to stick it to the organizers of the NYC LGBT Pride parade has backfired, fabulously. Bill has been battling with the gay community for years over a number of issues, but mostly because that's how he makes his living. Lately, the stick up Bill's ass is that Guinness pulled its corporate sponsorship from New York's St. Patrick's Day parade due to pressure from the gay community, as well as them probably growing tired of being associated with blowhards like Bill Donohue.


So, Bill hatched a plan. He was going to give the gays a taste their own medicine and apply to march in the NYC Pride parade with a "Straight is Great" banner, and when they denied his right to march, Bill would spring his trap and scream "hypocrisy!" Just listen to the glee in his voice as he described the scheme like an angry Batman villain to conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg:

Bill was so excited, he told Steve that after he got a response from the parade's organizers he'd return on the show with "a big wedding cake," which doesn't even make sense and is probably just an excuse for Bill to eat cake.

The only problem with Bill's plan is that David Studinski, March Director of the parade said Bill is more than welcome to march with his banner, adding that "Straight is great, as long as there's no hate." The reply must be killing Bill. Not only does it ruin any media blitz about being excluded by those gay bullies, it also blows his excuse to enjoy a wedding cake with a guy named Steve.

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