Hey there, bemused African-American commenters. We don't get it, either.

Sometimes when you go to bed without watching any TV, you wake up the next day and wonder what you missed in the news. Then there are the mornings when you wake up and thank God Almighty that you don't watch CNN anymore. To be fair, Don Lemon apparently had some good points about how reporters should actually pronounce all six letters in the n-word when reporting a story, because saying "the n-word" sanitizes it. However, as you can see from the screenshot above, high-minded debate was not the subject of last night's program. That's Don Lemon's job, after all: to pretend that he's talking about something more important than whatever buzzword gumbo his producers have served up for the day.


By the way, what was his white panelist's (Buck Davis - Diversity Expert) response to Don's plea that the news be honest about people saying slurs? Well, Diversity Expert Buck Davis said it was confusing for white people that you could say it in a news story about racism, but not to a black person's face. That's right, Diversity Expert Buck Davis says it's confusing for white people. Because  apparently Buck Davis, Diversity Expert, thinks white people are a bunch of dumb-ass crackers.

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