Meanwhile, on the ground: "Someone call that pilot and get his story rights in case he dies!"

When Kurt Braunohler turned to Kickstarter to help him hire a skywriter to write a joke for downtown Los Angeles, part of the project's appeal was that it would be ephemeral. Not only did the smoke fade away, but Kurt only published the successful project on his Tumblr page for about 20 minutes. Well, too bad, Kurt! Someone re-uploaded the image, so it's on the Internet now, and there it will stay until alien archaeologists unearth our charred civilization's remains. Now everyone will know you pulled off this stunt. Gotcha. 


We should also note that Kurt gave his Kickstarter backers their choice of jokes, and this is the one they picked. They also could have funded a longer joke for $10,000 but apparently people weren't that interested in temporary skyjokes. Plus, this joke was better.

Sources: Original photo by Robyn Von Swank | Redditor TheAndrewGeorge | Huffington Post