Hard to believe this woman could make a mistake.


Child bride Courtney Stodden is famous because she married a man who was semi-famous when she was just 16 and he was 51. Doug Hutchinson may be an actor, but the C-Lister got way more attention than ever before  after marrying a teenager. They make a compelling pair with their weird, sad relationship. But it's a relationship that could never have existed without Courtney's mom, Krista Stodden, signing over permission. This might sound strange, but...she regrets it! Krista told Radar Online that this is the first year she hasn't spent Courtney's birthday with her, and it's brought up some feelings:

“I believe there are external influences without any names being said. I do not believe mothers and daughters should be separated.

“I think that if a husband can see that there are problems between his wife and her mother I believe he should stay out of the situation. There are some really horrible things that he [Doug Hutchinson] has done to me since she and I have not been speaking that will be very hard to ever forget about.

“I do take full responsibility, however because I am the one that did sign the paper for her to marry this man. If I had to do it all over again I cannot tell you if I would be signing that paper.”

Sources: Radar Online