AskReddit is a great place to go when you have a question that you are too embarrassed to ask someone in real life. That'ls probably what inspired the thread entitled, "how soon after a coworker dies is it ok to eat their food out of the company fridge?" Yes, that is a horrible thing to ask. Yes, horrible people answered. It was all very horrible, but also weirdly informative. Here is what Reddit had to say.

When's the last time someone cleaned this thing?!

1. ninjajesus101 was rightfully concerned, but not concerned enough to stop them from answering.

...I am deeply concerned on what caused you to ask this question. Also immediately. They can't complain.

2. locofarmer is not playing games when it comes to free food and dead coworkers.

Right away. Preferably while people are busy signing the sympathy card.

It's a fucking jungle out there, man.

Every cat lion for himself.

3. However, Stinkyfingr thinks there is a proper window to wait.