The best things in life are free; you just have to sit really quietly and wait to overhear them.

$10 says Shere Khan knows exactly where Mowgli's parents are.

Or you could just get lucky and hear some really juicy goss while you were just minding your own business. At least, that's what these people who shared the craziest things they've ever overheard would have you believe. Intentional or not, these are definitely the kind of truths you can only get when it was intended for someone else.

1. Back2Bach overheard a priest completely cock-block a deacon.

I was upstairs in the church organ loft looking through music on a quiet weekday.

Downstairs I heard a conversation going on, so I peered over the loft railing and saw the pastor sitting in a pew, talking with a young female. She was telling him that she was strongly attracted to the church's Deacon (a single guy, early 30s) and wanted to know if he would introduce them.

I could tell that the pastor got flustered because he had eyes on the Deacon to become a priest, not to date women. For her part, the girl told the priest that she wanted to save the deacon from a "boring life of celibacy."