Oklahoma college student Sherene Zarrabi used to spend her free time working at the Stillwater location of the boutique Dainty Hooligan, where one day she happened to pose for a few photos that her store manager then put on Instagram. When Dainty Hooligan owner Jessica Issler saw these photos, she was not pleased that they appeared on the store's official Instagram. She swiftly reached out to Zarrabi and the store manager via email.

This is an email I was forwarded earlier. I just want to start by saying this: I am fully comfortable with who I am and...

Posted by Sherene Marie Zarrabi on Monday, February 1, 2016

Here's what the owner said in her email: 


Something I want to make sure you keep in mind: I want size small, the stereotypical "model" type to model our clothes. Please use our pictures of our models if Stillwater store can't find someone who would be considered "model material". This is not to put anyone down but to communicate the expectations of presenting our brand.

Don't take it personal, all I ask for is really good representation. In exchange for the freedom, I ask you to take down all pictures of anyone that doesn't fit the criteria.


The images were deleted, but Zarrabi was still able to protest Issler's body discrimination. Zarrabi quit her job and posted the email to Facebook with this message: