Family secrets can be many things, but they're usually secret for a good reason. Thanks to the Internet, however, we all finally have a way to unburden ourselves of these secrets without driving to the middle of nowhere and unloading on a stranger at a bar. One redditor asked people to divulge their dark family secrets, and boy were people ready to dish. Here are 11 of the best responses.


1. User inchypia's great uncle was apparently a character straight out of a Guy Ritchie action movie.

My great aunt and uncle were the sweetest people imaginable, When I was growing up they lived 4 houses down so I used to go around to there house a lot after school. My uncle Jimmy used to play dollies and tea party with me, I have very fond memories of them.

When my uncle Jimmy died I remember all these very professional looking old men at his funeral, surrounded by what looked like to me security guards. My mum casually mentioned to me many years later that my uncle Jimmy was an old fashioned English gangster, he did time for robbery and sex trafficking, he was also accused of murdering 4 people but there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.

I was gobsmacked, additional to this my lovely Auntie Diane, his wife- was the madame at one of his brothels and recruited his sex slaves, She had also done time. I put 2 and 2 together and realized those men at his funeral were old gangsters. It really messed me up.