A Redditor by the username of Bosco_George shared an unusual sight in his neighborhood that awaited one UPS worker, or more likely a casual thief. A self-described "adult child" living near Bosco_George (whose name we've blurred because that adult child didn't post this pic himself) left a note letting whoever was delivering his prized package know that it was okay to drop off the package even if he wasn't home. 

Dear UPS Guy (or girl), please leave the package at the door if I am not here, for I am an adult child and cannot wait until tomorrow. If this delivery requires a signature please forge the example below and take this small bribe.




As an adult, anticipating the arrival of a package is often the closet one can get to reliving the experience of childhood celebrations. A failed package delivery is akin to realizing Santa is not real, or worse, that Santa came but you weren't home and now you have to go to the North Pole and pick up your gift yourself. Therefore, it makes sense for adults like this dude to go to extreme lengths to secure their package and protect their naïve world view. And probably get robbed.