Miss Piggy's real name is Elly-Bobby, but between June 30 and July 23, she was just a dog lost in the Australian forest, until some hikers found her as she was about to drown in a stream. Imgur user dangerm0use shared their photos and narrated their story.


What followed was a tense day of rescuing her from the stream, making sure Miss Piggy (so named because she'd remained remarkably stout for a dog lost in the wilderness) was friendly, and then seeing if she belonged to anyone. I won't sugarcoat this: there's a happy ending to every part of the story.

Pup rescue in the Australian bush

After rescuing the dog from the stream (and noticing she had been spayed and was therefore a pet at some point), they followed her slowly to see where she was sleeping and whether she was approachable.


She was dubbed Miss Piggy for her impressive size despite living off the land, and although she was deemed friendly, she was too physically tired from her ordeal in the river to walk out of the woods. So, one of the hikers walked back to the car, fetched a heavy canvas bag and a sturdy branch, and a solution was improvised.


After a full day of extracting the exhausted pooch out of the bush, they finally got her home. Lo and behold her owner had been looking for weeks.


We gave Miss Piggy some dinner, and set about seeing whether we could track down her owners. I posted on a FB page for lost pets in the area surrounding where we'd found her, and miraculously, got a message about 30 mins later. The guy was from a suburb about 15KMs north of the creek where she'd been hiding out. He was absolutely sure this was his dog, who'd been lost since Jun 30 after wandering our of their yard. We were stoked until he referred to the dog as 'Bob', and our hearts sank thinking he had lost a male dog. However, he confirmed that 'Elly-Bobby' (named after Ricky Bobby) was indeed his little girl, with various physical characteristics to prove it. Bobby's dad had mounted massive FB and poster campaigns to find her, and had been searching for hours every evening since she went missing, never giving up hope that he'd find her.