Hey, you ever wanted to see a solid replica of the inside of a dog's stomach? Yeah? Then my god is today is your day, thanks to a glue that NBC Oklahoma has reported as having a "sweet taste" both "appealing to animals and even children." Now that's a solid endorsement.

Krystal Wilson's six-month-old dog, Lake, couldn't help binging on some left-out "Gorilla Glue," which unfortunately expands when it hits liquid. So it expanded in Lake's stomach, leading to this disgusting image after vets removed it during surgery.

The vet insisted on tapping the mold to show how "seriously hard" it felt. Perks of the job.

The glue advertises as "incredibly strong," skirting around its apparently irresistible appeal to your animals and children.

"Tastes great to dogs!"

"We're very lucky that she's here with us," said Lake's owner. Lake is fine now, walking around and searching out more delicious glue. Hopefully she will not find any.