The eternal debate. (stock photos)

There's nothing cuter than a dog acting like a person. Then again, there's nothing creepier than a person acting like a dog. When these two elemental forces go head-to-head, who comes out on top? Only YOU can decide, person who regrets clicking on this!

1. This dog that says "I love you" like a person.


This psychotic guy who barks like a dog.

2. This dog that sleeps in his owner's bed.


This person who sleeps in her dog's bed next to her dog.

(via Imgur)

3. This dog that learned to imitate a baby.


This baby who learned to use a doggy door.

4. This talented dog that can throw a frisbee.


This dumb kid who can almost catch a frisbee in his mouth.

5. This adorable dog that walks like a person.


This terrifying man who runs in front of a car like a dog.

And finally…
6. This dog who likes to swing on a swing.


This man who lives his life as a dog.


This was a close contest until that last one. Dogs will never be as cute as people are weird. Sorry dogs, you put up a good fight. I raise my water bowl to you.