Since Adele won't let Donald Trump use her music, his supporters are making their own jingles for his campaign (to quite eerie results). In perhaps the oddest and most cringeworthy yet, a new rendition of "Stand by Me" by singer Beau Davidson debuted at a Palm Beach, Florida campaign event featuring The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson. Trump and Carson swayed to the tune behind Davidson, and look just as uncomfortable as you'll feel watching this video.


The revamped lyrics include lines like:

"Donald, Donald, stand by me, and we'll stand by you."

"It don't matter where we go. It don't matter what Hillary does."

"As long as we're with you. Stand by me."

Even the song's muse can barely hide how much he doesn't want to be there.

"Even I prefer the original."
Fox 10 Phoenix

That goes doubly so for the event's security.

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix