On Tuesday, a redditor posted a delightful gif of a very drunk man who didn't let his inebriated state get in the way of his courteous nature. That gif came from this very recent video, which seems to be from a Russian supermarket. Unfortunately, the person this sauced man is trying so valiantly to be courteous to is just his own reflection in the mirror.

This poor man is so drunk that he thinks he's standing in front of another man who also happens to be buying eggs. Every time he gestures politely for the other guy to walk ahead of him, that other man simply gestures back for him to go. And every time he starts to walk, so does the other guy.


This awkward drunken dance of good manners continues FOREVER, until the man filming finally walks up to him and tells him he's standing in front of a mirror. Psssht. No big deal. HE TOTALLY KNEW THAT. He just thinks it's important to respect yourself. A lot.