Eileen Kelly is a 20-year-old Instagram model, which is a job title we all need to come to terms with. You can make a lot of money on Instagram if you have as many followers as Kelly does. It's often a combination of being very beautiful and presenting a lifestyle for people to aspire to–kind of like running your own personal magazine, but with videos. Kelly posts under the handle Killerandasweetthing, and she has a strong understanding of her brand:

just an average night w a killer and a sweet thang 🔪💉

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On Thursday, The New York Post shared an interview with Kelly, and they definitely picked the most salacious angle they possibly could. The article is titled,"I fuel fantasies of men who want sex with young girls, and I’m fine with it," which probably got more than a few clicks. Many people were pretty disgusted by the way The Post talked about the Instagram generation:

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