You'd think we'd be ready for it after the last time. You'd think we'd know not to get too attached, not to expect that site to hang around forever. One day it would walk out again, just like our dads. 

But people still couldn't do anything but lose their shit when they clicked over to Facebook and saw this ominous screen again today.

Predictably, people flooded into Twitter to begin the doomsaying...

But we are a resilient species, and many tried to look on the bright side.

There were those who found a certain poetic symmetry in the outage.

But it wasn't long before groups began claiming responsibility.

And after just a few minutes of a Facebook-free life, the social network everyone loves to hate returned to our doorstep. On its return, it was smug, knowing full well we had discovered that we need it far more than it needs us.

But luckily, it was down just long enough for people on other social networks to complain about Facebookers ruin everything.

(by Bob Powers)