You'd think with so many fact-checking websites picking apart the transcript of last night's Presidential debate that there wouldn't be a single questionable statement left unverified, but you would be wrong. Here now is our own painstaking fact-check of the debate, in which we take on all those statements by the candidates, and moderator Bob Schieffer, that the other guys let slip through the cracks.


Questionable Claim: The audience at the debate took a "vow of silence."

Determination: False. According to our online community-edited encyclopedia, a vow of silence is "a religious vow, usually taken in a monastic context." All of the debates this year have been secular, just as they always have been, save the second GOP primary debate when Rick Santorum insisted the moderator's questions be sprinkled with holy water. While the audience of undecided voters at this last debate did not take a vow of silence, they did agree to keep their mouth-breathing and exclamations of "Why they talkin' 'bout them foreignors s'damn much?" to a minimum.