A Reddit user shared two photos of a couch with the simple heading: "Almost sat down on a couch in a house for sale." Unfortunately, the user has since deleted his/her account, so the full story of how this person avoided imminent danger is unclear. The second photo makes it relatively self-explanatory as to why it wouldn't be a good idea to rest one's weary feet on this piece of furniture.

The couch is made of cozy cardboard.

Ideal for people who don't want an overly-supportive seat.

While a few on the Reddit thread, like Its_Beerdy, point out that using cardboard boxes is somewhat standard for certain staging objects like beds, it still seems to be a weird practice. Isn't it normal for people who are interested in a home to want to take a seat and envision their life there for a moment?


Even more expected is that someone who tagged along to the open house gets bored AF and wants to wallow in boredom and think about their life in a seated position. Real estate agents: the unamused masses like to sit down without collapsing into the ground.