Lexi Kozhevsky, a 19-year-old nursing student at St. Louis University, became a meme after she got involved with the conflict between protesters and police in Ferguson last night.

"What do you mean, self-awareness?" (via St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Now I know what you're thinking: a 19-year-old college student? Demographically speaking, she must have been doing something to help the protesters. Well, to everyone's confusion, she demonstrated a pro-police stance by standing in front of the line-up of cops in order to "protect" them. Although this is her right, it was hilarious for two reasons: For one, she is under the impression that the armed and armored police are the ones who need protecting. But what really caught everyone's attention has less to do with her politics and more with her wardrobe: She was wearing a Fall Out Boy t-shirt.

She was quickly meme-ified by the Internet, both for her t-shirt and her rather backwards understanding of how justice works:

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