A new study found that attractive female students earn higher grades than their unattractive female peers. The study was conducted by Rey Hernández-Julián and Christina Peters, who are economics professors at Metropolitan State University of Denver. They used volunteers (who were not students or professors) to rate the attractiveness of students from their college I.D. cards.

After rating attractiveness, they then examined 168,092 course grades awarded to those students. For female students, an increase of one standard deviation in attractiveness was associated with a 0.024 increase in grade (on a 4.0 scale). For male students, looks did not have a significant effect on grades. So basically it's a terrifying combination of gender inequality and double standards.

Stop trying to make fetch happen.

The worst news from the results is that the attractiveness gap in grades appears to result more from lower grades for less attractive women than from higher grades for the most attractive women. It is important to note that this is a single study that has not been replicated, so its results are not necessarily found at all colleges and universities. And it's no reason to throw shade at college students; plenty of them are thoughtful, selfless people regardless of their looks.

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