"I am having a great day at the ocean, and it's made better by the fact that this stranger's drone is filming me," said no one ever.


I went to the beach last weekend. While I was laying out in my bathing suit, not one, but two goddamned drones kept making sweeps of the beach, filming everyone there. I was really happy about this, because my favorite thing about enjoying the natural beauty of the ocean is when it's interrupted by a buzzing peeping-tom robot flying above my head like I'm in a Phillip K. Dick novel.

That's why I was pleased to come into work on Monday and see this video of a man in San Diego getting fed up with a drone and hooking it with his fishing pole. Yes, it's a dick move that could have hurt an expesnive piece of machinery. No, I don't support ruining someone else's property, even if they're being rude. And, as Gizmodo points out, it's actually illegal in San Diego to "Cast any fishing line or pole overhead or allow any lure or hook to pass inboard of the pier railing while casting,” while there are currently no anti-drone ordinances on the books. So this fisherman was definitely in the wrong.

Sources: Gizmodo | h/t LAist