Revealed over two hours, starting seductively at his shoulder.


Whether you like Fox News or not, a headline like this reminds you that the phrase "great television" has very little to do with what any individual person considers "great." According to the Fox News Insider, the channel's official blog, a new "Fox News Documentary" will air on Wednesday, Nov. 11th and Thursday, Nov. 12th entitled "The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden." It is spelled like that because Fox News policy requires everything be spelled the way Brit Hume pronounces it. We're all still psyched that OBL (or UBL if you're a Fox viewer) is out of the picture, and if a war hero wants to come forward and tell his story in the context of a cable news documentary about special forces raids on America's enemies? Like I said, great TV is great TV, and this looks like great TV.

(This shouldn't surprise you, but there will be a 30 second GOP ad before the 30 second clip)

This story would make waves on any channel, but something is always going to feel weird around Fox News and this topic. It's at the center of the tension between Fox's hyper-patriotism and its intrinsic opposition to the guy currently in the White House. They (fairly) tried to turn Obama's constant reminders about it into a liability, and went full throttle by accusing the administration of making SEAL Team Six a target by crediting them, leading to an insurgent attack on one of their helicopters. But they achieved some balance of their own by revealing the true name of one of the SEALs who wrote a book about the raid.

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