Oh, to be young and bored again. (via @samiwert)

Alert whomever it is that you alert when there's a new kid on the Twitter block, because Oklahoma teen @Samiwert has been going viral all day after her prank on her mom appeared in Death and Taxes and Jezebel yesterday. 

We all know that our parents, and our moms especially, claim that the photos on the wall are extremely important to them, and that these memories are what they cherish most in the world. As anyone who has had the same pictures on their walls for years can tell you, however, after a while you just forget they're there.

So one day, when @Samiwert's parents were out of town for the afternoon, Sami googled "Kanye West looking upset," printed out some of the many results, and taped them over all the normal family photos. Then the waiting started:

I'm glad to see your parents would be so blindly accepting of people of all races.

You must be thrilled to have parents who love looking at your pictures so much.

Seriously, this prank is hilarious but I'm also starting to get worried.

76.5 hours - how long it takes Oklahoma parents to notice their kids aren't Kanye.

Congratulations, @Samiwert, and enjoy your Internet fame—it's certainly been bestowed on far worse people than a charming high school student from the Plains region. In fact, while even the most engaging teenagers are still a little annoying (it's not your fault, guys, everyone is when they're a teenager), I could only find one thing to really object to when grabbing Sami's tweets for this story: 

Because Harper Lee was a badass woman who taught us what justice is.

C'mon, Sami! I know books are boring when they're in class. Just try to pretend everything is like Twitter and you get points for being in on things before other people. #FreeBoo. Good God, that sounded lame. No wonder all adults sounded so stupid. How do you make freedom sound cool? Oh f*ck, even that question was super lame. 

I give up. Screw learning. Pranks forever!

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: @Samiwert on Twitter