Family group chats are a great place to share important news or show off how good your hair is looking. The latter is what Imgur user ohfudgemocha's sister recently did. She sent a photo of herself to her two siblings and mom, but she quickly realized she should've checked the background of the photo first, because there were two dildos in it. Ohfudgemocha's sister turned to her siblings for help. In turn, ohfudgemocha decided to share the text exchange with the Internet.

This was the original group message with the dildo selfie:


Just in case anybody missed the two dildos, ohfudgemocha shared this helpful pic:

The dildos are far enough outside the middle of the frame that mom likely would never have noticed them. Putting trust in the wrong sibling exposed the existence of the dildos to a much greater number of people than the sister initially feared.​

Sources: h/t Metro