It's pretty much the norm that when women hit menopause, they're done carrying babies. Texas resident Tracey Thompson is an unusual exception. The 53-year-old mother of two, who was post-menopausal for seven years, recently gave birth to her daughter's child.

Surrogate/grandmother/mother and daughter/mother.

Thompson's 28-year-old daughter Kelley McKissack had undergone IVF and suffered three miscarriages. While McKissack's last round of treatment failed and resulted in a miscarriage on Christmas in 2014 (heartbreaking), she had a few fertilized embryos. Thompson willingly stepped up and offered to carry the embryos for McKissack and her husband Aaron. Doing so required Thompson to reverse her menopausal state. 

A mom willing to go through menopause twice for her kid is the best.

On January 6, Thompson successfully gave birth to little Kelcey. 

Tracey + Kelley = Kelcey.
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