A face only a mother could not pay $200 for.

A 25-year-old Tennessee man had a problem: He needed $200. Probably for heroin. But I don't like being judgey; maybe it was for something else. Like meth or OxyContin. The important thing is that he needed the money. So, Zachery Lodgson came up with a plan for acquiring it. The kind of ingenious scheme only a criminal mastermind of the highest order could devise.

Putting his devilish gambit into action, Lodgson cleverly sent a text message to his mother, telling her he was being held hostage by his drug dealer. He would be killed, he informed her, if she did not produce the kingly ransom of two hundred American dollars.

Unfortunately, what Lodgson had somehow forgotten was that he'd tried pretty much the same thing in the past. Probably why the idea came to him so easily this time. His mother, knowing that he's a drug addict—and an uncreative one at that—called the police and had them meet him at the drop-off point. Which they did. So no, Lodgson did not get the $200. But what he did get was arrested. He's currently being held for $3,500 bail. But I'll bet you he has a plan for how he can come up with it.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Daily News | h/t Newser