Did you know that if you have leftover drugs at the end of your vacation, a good option is to throw them away? This dude on Reddit didn't!

This isn't Charlie Sheen's story, but then again, its an anonymous dude on the internet, so maybe.

This guy took an LSD-addled flight across the Pacific because he figured the best way to smuggle drugs onto a plane is by eating all of them. Fortunately, he lived to tell the story, which seems inevitable now because, as we will learn, all of life's possibilities are happening at once. This isn't just a story about a thrifty burnout, it's about a man whose whole value system was altered after getting some much needed Lasik on his third eye.

I was flying home across the Pacific and didn't want to smuggle drugs through the airport. I also didn't have the heart to just throw away a couple of really strong tabs I had gotten on my vacation. So I decided to take them all before going through the airport security, figuring it would kick in pretty nicely in time for the flight. It did.

At first I was just lying with my face down seeing pretty things inside my eyelids. Women, music, wonderful colors. It was a blast. Then I felt as something was ontop of me, so I opened my eyes. And there was a very old lady on top of me, apparently I had sort of dozed off and not noticed that the lady on the right of me had to pee so she had to climb over me and sort of got stuck over me. That's when things started going south.